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Recent Testimonials

Patient Feedback

Paul is incredibly knowledgeable about the body, and balances deep healing with care for your experience. Wondering if that ache, pain, or stiffness just "has to be something you live with"? Probably not. I'll bet Paul can fix it.

Alex B,

I get massages once every few months for general maintenance. My previous massage therapist moved away, and I was worried I wouldn't find a comparable replacement. But just by my first session my expectations were far exceeded. Paul goes out of his way to make you feel comfortable, by asking about your preferences before the sessions starts (warm/cold table, music choice etc). He'll even explain what muscles he's working on and why if you're curious. Blown away by my first session and eager to continue working with him.

Natasha S.

Paul is magic with his hands. He was able to access muscles and trigger points that I didn't even know I had or could feel. He also is excellent at talking through exactly what he is going to be doing and what you should be feeling so you're never surprised during the massage. I was just surprised at how great I felt after. Definitely will be coming back for another session.

Jason M.

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